Fine Art Wedding Photography



Hey Photographer...Catch Me, If You Can...!
     He was fun to photograph. Very shy one moment and inviting me the next.
I chased him all day and finally caught him at the alter...Then, at the reception he bugged me all night...he must have figured "what the hell," time for Hollywood, I guess...
     I like surprising young Flower Girls and Ringbearers at alter formals...not suspecting they will be the focus - as I quietly walk up to the group and then photograph them... 
I like composing these angle shots...they create movement and bring out their innocent characters.




     At the reception, he noticed his dad was having a drink, and wanted some of the same - whatever it was. Well, he was going to be allowed a small sip.

     But, apparently the bottle was a little too heavy, so the Ring Bearer's mission was to try and set it down. After a few attempts...objective was accomplished.

     Whew, it almost didn't make it.







In The Wings ...!

In the wings, protected from danger...

I turned around to see if there was anything going on and saw this picture. Nothing was set right for me to shoot for composition...and I knew if I didn't push the button, within a split second it would be gone.

I hit the shutter...! Later, in the studio, I did a little cropping, to capture what I had envisioned. Got it...!

I love the lineup of their shoes. Like father, like son....


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