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Impeccable Quality

There is no higher priority than the image.

I approach all my work with a critical eye and personally hand-craft each photograph in the digital darkroom – color adjustments, cropping and composition – attending to the smallest details.

My clientele demands the best. It is what I demand from myself.

Shooting Style & What’s Important

My goal, with every image, is to photograph the spontaneity and “life” of the wedding as it unfolds – to capture the candid, the unexpected and all the emotions a wedding reveals. I don’t wait to see what happens. By then, it’s too late. I’m constantly alert to “foresee the moment.”

Photographs should be believable, not contrived images. A common image is one where bridesmaids and groomsmen are asked by photographers to jump in the air. I have never seen this happen spontaneously.

I take the art of photographing a wedding as a tremendous responsibly and, at the same time, an opportunity to capture the real, positive energy couples naturally create and experience and share with each other.

Knowing the Client

In order to record a wedding event with honesty, communicating with the bride and groom long before the wedding, is crucial. You can’t capture the best, unless you know a little of their soul, and they in turn have come to trust you.

In order to tell the wedding story the way a bride imagines it, and to capture the most natural photographs, a couple must feel at ease with their photographer. I strive to accomplish this by getting to know the clients, to get a sense of their personalities, likes and dislikes. This leads to a real, quality story, instead of mass produced snap-shots and “unlimited number” of lifeless photographs that so many studios produce.

A month or so, before the wedding, a casual brunch with the bride and groom is a great way to break the ice.

In closing

What is important is capturing the intimacy of the bride and groom and the excitement of the wedding with an unobtrusive, quiet and sensitive approach – producing images that are natural, spontaneous, understated and elegant.

The bride and groom deserve nothing less than to have their unique story captured and preserved, aesthetically. Each photograph speaks of what is going on – thoughts during a fleeting, private kiss, feelings of a father’s tear, an unnoticed bride and groom embracing in their commitment for life.

As a photographer, I am a quiet observer, working in the background.

My goal is to capture those personal moments and tell the story.

There is an art to the storytelling of a wedding.



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